Plan Your Family Legacy

Business Succession Planning

- Most family wealth is created through equity ownership. Often, the first generation’s wealth is tied up in the business, so an effective transfer of ownership is necessary to continue the business’ success to the second generation. By the third generation, most businesses are sold and a new strategy is needed to cope with the loss in business cash flow. Long Family Office helps families successfully navigate each stage of this cycle, so a family can enjoy a legacy that endures for generations.

Generational Planning

- Transferring wealth in a way that is beneficial to the next generation is key to a surviving family legacy. Our estate planning review will provide guidance in this area while defining and fulfilling your goals. We work in conjunction with qualified attorneys to identify beneficial trust and estate structures for successful settlement and administration.

Philanthropic Planning

- Many of our families are involved in several charities and foundations. Long Family Office provides assistance in vetting such institutions, providing guidance in planning a donation strategy, and assistance in creating charitable family organizations or grant-making foundations.